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Plazmax 52 Degree Contour Bevel Head​

Building on our extensive experience in contour beveling, Plazmax have developed a compact dual tilting bevel head to suit the high dynamic motion of the entire range of Plazmax machines.

The maximum bevel angle allowed by the XPR torch is 52 degrees, which this head is capable of maximising. Hypertherm’s TrueBevel technology is seamlessly integrated which makes for simple programming of advanced bevels.

The bevel head is able to bevel up to +/- 52 degrees with unlimited winding, offering superior contour beveling in A, V, X, Y and K cutting operations.

How does it work?

The edges are descried throughout the industry by the English letter the cut most closely resembles when looking at a cross section. Common bevel types include V, A, X, Top Y, Bottom Y and K.

The head consists of 2 continuous axis working with the torch during the rotation of the A & C axis.  The torch supports turns on A axis and the intermediate support turns on C axis.

Key Points

  • Direct Drive Planetary Gearboxes make for ultra-smooth motion. No belt drives or mechanical pinions etc in the drive system.
  • Machined from Solid Billet Aluminium for ultimate strength and precision.
  • Magnetic Break-Away Head to prevent damage from crashes.
  • Hypertherm Bevel Machine Interface®, Bevel Machine Post Processor®, and True Bevel® Software modules.
  • Automatic Torch Height Control
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