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CNC Plasma Cutting Systems

CNC plasma cutting machines are used when precision, speed and efficiency is required for cutting sheet metal and plate into useful, fabrication ready parts. A CNC plasma machine is essentially a computer controlled robotic system that carries a plasma torch that cuts out the required pattern or shape onto a material. The computer is controlled based on numerical controls implemented through dedicated CNC software.
Plazmax are the leading manufacturer of CNC plasma cutters across all of New Zealand and mainly service clients from NZ, Australia and Asia. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, our revolutionary, robust systems offer the best in precision, cut quality and speed. Our systems are built with your business in mind, with the mission of increasing competitiveness. This is achieved through reduction in labour, increase in production and reduction in operating costs. We offer a variety of plasma cutting systems, each one designed for various use cases, cutting materials and budget.

Cut Ace LT Gen 2

Cut Ace LT is a High production medium-duty cutting system.
Ideal for HVAC and sheet metal application using a Hypertherm® PowerMax® power source through to medium-duty implementation with a Hypertherm® MaxPro® 200 power source.

Cut Ace XD

High production, high-speed medium-duty cutting system utilising the next generation X-Definition® processes for outstanding cut quality on aluminium, carbon and stainless steels.
The Cut Ace XD is ideal for multiple material applications where high definition cutting is required.

Cut Ace XL

The Cut Ace XL, a machine designed from the ground up to not only be indispensable in your workshop, but also utilise technology to future proof your investment.
Able to cut longer plate lengths than our standard Cut Ace range, the XL is the first to use our new, lighter yet stronger, bevel ready gantry.  This machine does need to be seen to be appreciated.

Cut Ace Bevel XDSC

Designed with the business owner in mind, the Cut Ace Bevel XDSC was designed to be the most technologically advanced CNC plasma machine, even before mentioning our new 52deg bevel head, self cleaning table all while reducing production costs.

Cut Pro

Plazmax CutPro is a heavy-duty CNC plasma cutting system for larger applications. The Plazmax CutPro has cutting widths of up to 6m and cutting lengths from 6.5m up to 15m (or longer). Best suited to high definition Plasma Cutting, Bevel Cutting, Multi Torch Cutting and Oxy-Fuel Systems.

Cut Pro HS

Plazmax CutPro is a High-Speed (HS) heavy duty CNC plasma cutting system for larger applications. The Plazmax Cutpro HS is available as standard in cutting widths of 2.7m and 3.2m by any length required. Best suited to X-Definition Plasma Cutting, Bevel Cutting, Multi Torch Cutting and Oxy-Fuel Systems.