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Plazmax has reached a huge milestone! The first CutAce LT to leave the shores of NZ is on its way to its new home at Mavin Industries in Brisbane, Australia. This represents the first Plazmax machine to enter the Australian market, and the second machine Plazmax has exported (the first purchased by Hypertherm Singapore for their Cutting Technology Centre located in Singapore).

This particular configuration is a 3000mm x 1500mm downdraft table with a MaxPro 200 power source. Fully tested prior to leaving, this machine was producing highly accurate profiles with a beautiful finish.

The popularity of these units is showing no signs of slowing down, with many already shipped throughout New Zealand and an increasing presence in Australia. Many different industries, from metal art creators and small general engineering workshops through to large scale manufacturers are finding that the CutAce LT range provides the capabilities required to produce high quality product at a lower cost.

Australia offers a great opportunity for Plazmax for a number of reasons. As our closest neighbour, we can provide support and service easily within agreeable time zones in a timely manner. Our similar markets mean that we understand what is required from a CNC plasma machine, from speed and quality through to electrical and safety requirements under the AS/NZS regulations and other certifying bodies.

We are really excited at this great development in the company and how we will continue to deliver great products to our customers across the Tasman.