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Plazmax® E-TAP Mechanised Tapping Arm

Simply insert your desired tap into the E-TAP ISO collet and select your desired parameters on the touch-screen controller (or manually enter your own) and the E-TAP does the rest.

Want to tap holes that are horizontal?  No problem, just loosen the quick-release and the head can swivel to a perfect 90 degrees.

Get in touch with the team at Plazmax to find out more about the E-TAP Mechanised Tapping Arm.

Your workshops’ new hero.

Introducing our new E-Tap Mechanised Tapping Arm will greatly improve your tapping processes.

Mounted to an industrial strength worktable with rubber casters, allows for easy and smooth maneuvering around the workshop.  Think of those times where horizontal holes need tapping, you would simply walk the E-Tap and table over the the hole, loosen the quick-release and the head will swivel to a perfect 90 degrees.  Select the parameters on the touch-screen (or manually enter your own torque, thread pitch, speed and depth, the machine will take care of the rest.

Smooth, powerful digital drive motors coupled with a manual clutch ensures a maximum lifespan of your taps.

Contact the team at Plazmax to find out how the E-TAP Mechanised Tapping Arm can make a massive difference to your production processes.


  • 90 degree swivel head mounted to a counter balanced flexible arm allowing for single handed operation.
  • Quick-change ISO collets with up to M36 capacity.
  • Automatic and Manual tapping modes with electronic torque control, thread pitch and speed.
  • When combined with our CutAce XD or XDSC machine, you can cut holes and go straight to the E-Tap for thread tapping.  Think of the labour savings!
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