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Plazmax is proud to add the CutAce XD to our CNC plasma cutting family. The first of these units has left us, fully tested and ready to go, headed to Metalworx in Wellington. Their configuration was coupled with the XPR 170 power source.

This machine is arguably the best in it’s field for not only build quality, but cut quality. Paired with Hypertherm’s new XPR X-Definition family of power sources, this unit produces unmatched cutting results on aluminium, stainless and carbon steels. Manufactured using only the best components on the market such as Bosch Rexroth drives and motors, Hypertherm power source and control interface, you can trust that the CutAce XD can be relied upon to cut quickly and consistently. While the HPR family of power sources produced great cuts in both general cuts and hole quality, the XPR has stepped this up a notch with high precision cutting never before seen in plasma.

This machine is ideal for those who want impeccable cut quality and reliability with the capability to cut multiple materials. The CutAce XD makes no compromises in its construction – everything that goes into it, from the components used to the assembly, is to the very highest of standards. This is synonymous with all Plazmax machines and is at the very core of what we do. Able to achieve speeds up to 45,000 mm/min, parts are produced very quickly and exceed the demanding motion requirements that the XPR power sources need.

All Plazmax machines are bundled with the powerful ProNest CAD/CAM nesting software. This nesting package allows you to take advantage of the Hypertherm SureCut technologies all the while providing an easy to use interface. ProNest handles everything from importing CAD files to the output of machine code – eliminating the need to manually program the job. Intelligent nesting and cutting parameters maximise the plate usage and cut pathing, which all translates to massive cost savings.

We can’t go on enough on how good this machine is – be sure to check out our page at https://plazmax.co.nz/our-cutting-systems/cutace-xd/ and see for yourself!