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Advanced Mechanised Cutting

ProNest® is an industry leading CAD/CAM nesting software designed for advanced mechanized cutting. It provides a single solution for all of your profile cutting needs, including plasma, laser, waterjet, and oxyfuel. ProNest® helps fabricators and manufacturers increase material savings, boost productivity, lower operating costs, and improve part quality by offering the highest level of cutting expertise.

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Hypertherm ProNest CAD software from Plazmax Technologies

The Hypertherm CAD/CAM Difference

Across the globe, Hypertherm products are known for quality, consistency, and reliability, and it’s no different with our advanced CAD/CAM software. More leading experts, including OEMs and distributors of cutting machines, choose ProNest® than any other brand. It is the only software with full support for Hypertherm SureCut™ technology, including True Hole®, Rapid Part™, and True Bevel™, plus easy setup, and optimized process parameters. Finally, ProNest® is backed by Hypertherm’s global network of professionals, meaning you’ll always have access to the service and support you need. More on SureCut™.

Your Cutting & Fabrication Ecosystem

ProNest® not only drives your machine, its also a key component of your entire cutting & fabricating ecosystem, with everything from quoting, to part design, to reporting, and managing inventory. ProNest even connects to ERP/MRP for real time data exchange

Hypertherm ProNest CAD software from Plazmax Technologies

Standard Features

Cut process support

  • Plasma (conventional or high definition)
  • Laser (CO2, fiber, or direct diode)
  • Waterjet
  • Oxyfuel
  • Combination punch plasma/laser

Part design and development

  • Integrated 2D CAD program to create and edit CAD files
  • Variable shape parts feature to develop common parts from templates

Machine support

  • All major brands/manufacturers/models

SureCut™ technology and built-in process expertise

  • True Hole® technology capable
  • Rapid Part™ technology capable
  • True Bevel™ technology capable
  • Advanced process support and job set up on the CNC
  • Material type, thickness, grade and class-based process parameters:
    − Separations for part, plate, and pierce spacing
    − Kerf and feedrate
    − Lead-in / out
    − Cutting techniques
  • Cut sequencing – automatic or manual
  • Automatic tabbing / micro-joints
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