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Plazmax® CutAce XD


The CutAce XD is a high production, high speed medium duty cutting system utilising the next generation X-Definition® processes for outstanding cut quality on aluminium, carbon and stainless steels.  Ideal for multiple material applications where high definition cutting is required.

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Plasma Cutting: It’s no longer what you think…

Plazmax Technologies offer precision plasma cutting at levels far beyond traditional plasma cutting solutions. The most common comment we receive from customers is, “I didn’t know plasma could do that”.

Many fabricating businesses are not up-to-date with the incredible advances in Plasma Cutting technology. Assuming they need to upgrade to expensive waterjet or laser options, they are often stunned to find our plasma cutting solutions give them the quality and speed they require at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

Talk to our staff about the advances in plasma cutting technology and how our X-Definition solutions can streamline your production process, significantly increasing your productivity and profitability.


  • Minimal burring, dross and cleanup
  • Cheaper than Waterjet & Laser options in its class
  • Lower operating costs
  • Wide range of table sizes to suit your needs
  • Excellent accuracy and cut quality across aluminium, stainless and carbon steels
  • Maximise productivity within minimal steps
Plazmax CutAce XD showing high level plasma cutting accuracy


Plasma offers fast, precise cutting of fine lines and holes comparable to WaterJet and Laser options in its class at a fraction of their hefty price tag.

Plazmax CutAce XD offers plasma cutting with minimal clean-up


Our plasma solutions offer a clean, smooth finish requiring minimal or no post-production clean-up, saving time and money.

Plazmax CutAce XD showing minimal plasma cutting deviation


Our plasma solutions surpassed fibre-laser cutting in line deviation tests, even without the plasma settings at their highest quality option (6mm & up).

Why your workshop needs the CutAce XD

Traditionally, if you wanted to increase production, you either had to find more staff or more hours. But at some point, you are going to run out of both.  Staff can only work for so long, and there are only so many hours in the day. Plus, it’s a financial risk to keep a lot of staff on the payroll anytime there is the potential for a downturn in work – you still have to pay them, even if they are not busy.

Solve all of these issues with automation: There’s no need to hire more staff when one CutAce XD can produce more parts-per-hour than a whole team of labourers.

The CutAce XD is not just fast because it’s a workhorse – it’s fast because it can eliminate the need for drilling, grinding and cleanup for many parts. And what is it doing with that saved time? It’s producing more parts!

By increasing your productivity and decreasing your production time, you can secure work with tighter deadlines, potentially charging premium rates. Conversely, use those in-house savings to charge more affordable prices than your competitors.

The CutAce XD gives you the flexibility to position your business where it’s the most profitable for you.


  • Reduces clean-up
  • Higher parts-per-hour output
  • Minimal staff supervison required
  • Faster production makes you more profitable
  • Faster production makes you competitive
  • Lessens payroll risks of high staff numbers

CUTACE XD in action

Check out our high speed, high definition CutAce XD model displaying its incredible cut quality on 12mm mild steel. Note the clean straight cuts and minimum deviation. This level of quality is far beyond what most believe Plasma can offer.

Talk to the Plazmax team about upgrading to the CutAce XD CNC Plasma Cutter.

When it’s the right time to upgrade to CNC Plasma

For many workshops, the option of upgrading comes down to a matter of costs. But many are surprised to find that they are already spending more money on poor production processes, outsourcing and maintenance than they would be on running a CNC Plasma solution.  Factor in the amount of work turned away from being over capacity due to lack of time or labour, and you can quickly see that not upgrading is costing you more.

CNC Plasma solutions don’t just offer you the ability to “do what you do now, but faster” they allow you to “do MORE, do it FASTER, and do it BETTER.”

Financing Available

There’s no need to break-the-bank stepping into CNC Plasma Cutting.  Talk to Plazmax about financing your CutAce XD so your new machine pays for itself..


Running Costs

Typically, Plasma Cutting running costs come in at about 75% of Laser and about 50% of WaterJet, so if you are considering an upgrade to a CNC solution, factor in the production savings of Plasma.


Versatility (materials)

The ability to fine-tune the cut setting on the new generation of Plasma Cutting Technologies means Plasma is a viable solution for a greater range of materials and material thicknesses than traditionally possible.



The problem with any form of multi-step production is that a backup in any one step throws the whole production process behind schedule. Safeguard against bottlenecking by eliminating unnecessary steps with Plazmax.


Handcutting with Plasma?

In the time it takes for a worker to hand-cut one part, then grind it, clean it and finish it to a standard comparable with our CutAce XD, the XD would have completed dozens, if not hundreds, of parts.


Outsourcing your cutting?

So you’re already spending money on Plasma Cutting, but you have no control over cut quality or the production times of your supplier. Why pay someone else to do something you can do in-house while having complete control over workflow and quality.


Obsolete Equipment

Your worn-out equipment may be costing you more to maintain than it’s worth. The cost of parts and service plus the loss of production can mean that you’re spending more on supporting old gear than you would be in upgrading to a high-tech plasma alternative.

Machine Features

  • Designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the demanding motion requirements of the Hypertherm® XPR170® power source, producing unrivalled cut quality
  • Provides great versatility in cutting capability for aluminium, stainless and mild steels
  • Fastest production machine in its class with up to 40,000mm/min positioning and a peak acceleration of 280mg
  • Produces more parts per hour for lower cost per part
  • Efficient sectional down draft fume extraction design eliminates harmful fume exposure
  • Quality components used throughout and synonymous with all Plazmax cutting systems
  • Remote technical support access directly to the controller in real time for trouble shooting and training
  • Fully integrated Hypertherm® software and hardware providing 100% access to technologies such as TrueHole®, RapidPart® and TrueBevel®
  • Laser pointer for easy plate alignment
  • Compliant electrical system (in accordance with AS/NZS 3000) and supplied with full electrical drawings
  • Safety rated E-stop system with 3 E-stop buttons


Choose the size best suited to your workshop or applications.

MEDIUM: 1520mm x 3000mm

LARGE: 1800mm x 3600mm

CUSTOM: Available upon request.

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