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Plazmax® CutAce XL


The CutAce XL is a high production, high speed medium-high duty cutting system utilising the next generation X-Definition® processes.

Designed for larger plate sizes, the CutAce XL is able to cut plates up to 6m long, or if you need longer, we can customise the table to allow for 9m plate lengths.  All this in an integrated table chasis allows for quick installation and easy transportation, either containerised or via truck.

Get in touch with the team at Plazmax to find out more about the CutAce XL.

Plasma Cutting: It’s no longer what you think…

Plazmax Technologies offer precision plasma cutting at levels far beyond traditional plasma cutting solutions. The most common comment we receive from customers is, “I didn’t know plasma could do that”.

Many fabricating businesses are not up-to-date with the incredible advances in Plasma Cutting technology. Assuming they need to upgrade to expensive waterjet or laser options, they are often stunned to find our plasma cutting solutions give them the quality and speed they require at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.

Talk to our staff about the advances in plasma cutting technology and how our X-Definition solutions can streamline your production process, significantly increasing your productivity and profitability.


  • X-Definition cutting process thanks to the Hypertherm XPR power source
  • Table holds 6m long plates.  Speak to us if you need longer
  • Lower operating costs
  • Standalone control panel plinth with integrated LED status lights
  • Excellent accuracy and cut quality across aluminium, stainless and carbon steels
  • Maximise productivity within minimal steps
Plazmax CutAce XD showing high level plasma cutting accuracy


Plasma offers fast, precise cutting of fine lines and holes comparable to WaterJet and Laser options in its class at a fraction of their hefty price tag.

Plazmax CutAce XD offers plasma cutting with minimal clean-up


Our plasma solutions offer a clean, smooth finish requiring minimal or no post-production clean-up, saving time and money.

Plazmax CutAce XD showing minimal plasma cutting deviation


Our plasma solutions surpassed fibre-laser cutting in line deviation tests, even without the plasma settings at their highest quality option (6mm & up).

CUTACE XL in action

Check out our high speed, high definition CutAce XL model displaying its range of motion in a pre-delivery motion test.

Talk to the Plazmax team about upgrading to the CutAce XL CNC Plasma Cutter.

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