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Plazmax NZ is a full service robotic integrator, offering end to end robotic welding solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.  We provide tailored solutions that include hardware, software, safety systems, work holding and fixturing, installation and training as a COMPLETE package.

Our Plazmax team will design and build you a compliant and effective working robotic cell, to suit your particular application.  We back that up with training and support, for peace of mind.  Investing in a smart robotic system can provide significant productivity gains and give your business that all important, competitive edge.

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Robotic Welding: Brawn + Brains

Plazmax brings Robotic Welding Solutions to the New Zealand manufacturing industry, pairing high-quality ABB robots with innovative Robotmaster software.  This allows us to offer highly flexible and productive Robotic Solutions – that work!


The Swiss-based ABB Group is a world leader in Robotic Solutions having installed over 300,000 units globally.  The company has a focus on helping build the factories of the future.  The ABB suite of robotic solutions offers a wide range of flexibility and customisation to suit many industrial and educational situations.


Robotmaster has created innovative and easy-to-use software which allows manufacturers to quickly and efficiently programme their robotic solutions.  This gives the euser the ability to maximising their robotic productivity.  Their time-saving software uses off-line programming and CAD/CAM models to optimise the programming process.

Watch Robotic Welding Action!

Without needing to teach-train the program, this robot has been quickly re-tasked to perform a welding simulation.

The Robotmaster software optimises the robot and welding tool positioning, (compensating for collisions and more), in conjunction with the CAD/CAM model and the real-world part.

For more about Robotic solutions and how they can increase your productivity, talk to the Plazmax team.

Plazmax New Zealand Robotic Welding Solution

Robotic Welding Solutions

With a shortage of skilled welders, a Robotic Welding Solution is your answer to increasing productivity while maintaining a high-quality standard.

Our Robotmaster software removes the technical barriers of traditional robotic programming. By optimising the user interface and automating path calculations, Robotmaster improves throughput regardless of complexity or batch size.

Key Benefits

  • Pre-programme automatically using a CAD model with the ability to fine-tune gun/part distance and weld bead size.
  • Activate or deactivate the gun automatically.
  • Obtain optimal weld with the ability to manage and programme both the gun rotation and tilt.
  • Automatically orientates tools to maximise arm reach and minimise wrist rotation.
  • Inbuilt calibration tools compensate for real-world part setup.

Robotmaster CAD/CAM Programming Benefits

Robotmasters robust history in CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing) software allows us to bring an innovative approach to programming in the field of industrial robotics.

With the ability to quickly generate path trajectories without requiring excessive programmer input, Robotmaster can deliver unmatched off-line Robotic programming.

The versatile Robotmaster software offers precise control, quickly and easily, giving your business the tool to realise the full benefits of a Robotic solution.

Plazmax New Zealand offers Robotmaster software for robotic welding

Simplifies Programming

You shouldn’t need to be a rocket scientist to run your Robotic Solution. Robotmaster software incorporates an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) customised for your application to make programming a breeze.


Short-Run Configuration

By decreasing the typical programming time down to just minutes, Robotmaster gives you the freedom to easily reprogram your Robotic Solution for short-run work. No more turning away work because it’s too much hassle!

Streamlined Productivity

With the use of off-line environment coupled with comprehensive simulation tools, Robotmaster allows you to programme your Robotic Solution without interrupting the current workflow or waiting until the robot is idle.

Why is our Robotic CAD/CAM Programming Package so much better?

The key benefits of any Robotic Welding Solution are its ability to save time through automated repetition and improving accuracy. These create an environment of increased productivity and streamline throughput.

One of the most significant problems with maintaining this high level of productivity is the time consumed with programming a robot which, especially with smaller runs, can render a Robotic Solution economically non-viable. Complicated programming, confusing interfaces and having to manually adjust to avoid collisions are just a few of the issues that the Robotmaster software has eliminated to ensure programming your Robotic Solution is easier than ever before.

Optimise your robot programming to maximise your productivity with Robotmaster.

Financing Available

There’s no need to break-the-bank stepping into Robotic Welding  Automation.  Talk to Plazmax about financing so your new Robotic solution pays for itself.


Collision & limit detection

Collisions are a thing of the past.  Robotmaster software automatically checks for robot/part collisions and robot joint limits.


Fills in CAD/CAM gaps

Robotmaster settings automatically orient the tool and robot to manage trajectories even when the CAD/CAM data cannot provide sufficient 6-axis information.


Seamless Playback

Manual touch-ups are no problem with Robotmaster.  Calculated values and parameters allow for easy program playback.


Optimises Configuration

Choose to follow a specific configuration or allow the Robotmaster software to adjust configurations for optimal trajectory programming.


Singularity Compensation

Avoid frustrating stoppages! Robotmaster software checks and corrects programmes that contain singularities.


Real-world Calibration

Eliminate time-consuming adjustments and increase accuracy. The Robotmaster software calibrates the CAD model with the tool setup and the physical part.


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