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To get customers, you need to be able to offer competitive rates.
To keep customers, you need to be able to meet their deadlines and produce quality products.

Sounds pretty straight forward? Well, it is when everything is running smoothly.

The issue with labour hours

Traditional manufacturing relies heavily on labour hours, and your businesses labour hours can fluctuate wildly without warning and be entirely out of your control. When that happens, things stop running smoothly. When you find yourself short on labour, you miss deadlines, quality slips and your business reputation can slip with it.

Staff need time off, they may fall sick or have an emergency. Even when your labourers are hard at work, they can only work so many hours per day or per week. Hiring more staff seems like the most obvious answer to insufficient labour hours, but what will that mean for your business if you end up with labour hours you can’t charge for? A surplus of staff is just as problematic as a deficit. If you suffer a sudden downturn in business or a delay from a client you have a lot of people expecting to be paid for uncharged hours.

Let’s solve this issue

So if increasing labour hours is not the answer, what is?

The real answer is automation! And the automation answer you need is a CNC Plasma Cutting solution.

CNC Plasma Cutting gives you the ability to:

  • control your production timeline
  • increase production
  • improve product quality
  • improve manufacturing accuracy
  • eliminate manufacturing steps
  • break free from relying on labour hours

At the most basic level, CNC Plasma Cutting solutions can produce more products-per-hour at less cost than a team of labourers. With CNC Plasma cutting, the cut quality and accuracy are both higher, and there is little to no clean-up required.

These benefits mean you can not only speed up certain areas of manufacture, but you can also eliminate some areas altogether.

CNC Plasma Cutting solutions mean higher and consistent output without additional staff. You have more control over your process which means you are better able to streamline production, coordinate staff, and meet deadlines. This higher level of control over your manufacturing process saves you time, which in turn allows you to offer more competitive rates and/or see higher profits per project.

Want to know more?

Talk to the Plazmax team about which CNC Plasma Cutting solution will work best in your production line.